British jewellery brand Daisy is synonymous for creating jewellery with a meaning. Known globally for its Original Chakra bracelet, the iconic Chakra collection has become a trend in itself, paving the way for wellness focused jewellery.

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Embrace the carefree nature of the Daisy flower. The Daisy collection is a sleek interpretation of the classic English flower, inspired by its beautiful and charming nature.

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Nature’s Way


Inspired by country walks, breathing in the fresh air and taking time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings we live in, this collection is a little nod to Mother Nature.

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Stemming from eastern philosophy, it's believed we have seven energy points in our bodies called Chakras. Daisy has taken these beautiful symbols and turned them into coveted pieces of jewellery.

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Create your own personalised pendant with our range of Daisy London Halo holders and Coins. Simply open the Holder and insert any Coin to create a unique necklace that matches your style. 

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Good Karma


Carry a token or two to bring good fortune. Karma is the belief that a good deed and a life full of respect will bring good things to you. This collection is inspired by this beautiful expression.

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Each collection carries a story inspired by the things we love and cherish, offering more than just an accessory. Daisy try to ensure they capture these elements in the initial designs, right through to the finished product. Their attention to detail is why Daisy has made quite an impact in the press as well as being spotted on countless celebrities, including our original Daisy cover girl, Cara Delevingne.

Whether you’re making Daisy chains at a festival, practicing yoga further ashore or simply retreating to your favourite coffee house, these collections are the perfect fit for every part of the Daisy girls’ world.

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